VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 1 (JULY 2016)-ISSN ONLINE : 2456-3390

1. Consumer evaluation of new cobranded products: the impact of brand positioning strategies

Prof. Mohinder K. Jain                                               View Paper

2. A study on impact of newcomer adjustment on employee behavior and perception of cost of turnover in automobile dealerships in delhi

Prof. N.U.Khan and Ms. Ritu Sharma                         View Paper

3.Lead lag relationship between nifty and index futures in post global financial crisis period

Dr. Divya Verma Gakhar                                             View Paper

4.Analysis of capital structure of automobile industry in india

Dr.N.P. Yadav                                                             View Paper

5. Occupational stress among working women: an experience wise analysis

Prof.Anil Kumar & Meenakshi Yadav                              View Paper