Some of your Questions:

What is the difference between MBA & Industry Integrated MBA?

In Industry Integrated MBA, students get exposed to practical knowledge, interaction with faculty from industry and live industry projects. They will learn about corporate working system from industry experts. Management education being skill oriented can better be delivered through practical training rather than reading books only. We prepare students in a way that he/she should not be considered as a fresher in the job market.

What is the scope of Industry Integrated MBA?

Industry Integrated MBA is a different and unique program. It gives more experiential learning by industry experts. On site trainings and visits, live industry projects, foreign tour, internship program help students better practical learning and be placement ready.

What is the role of Industry Trainers?

We provide industry experts as trainers for students to teach various subjects and help them understand subjects better with practical knowledge. A trainer will share his/her experiences to help students grow in corporate world. Trainers are the faculty with industry background.

How industrial visits help the students to grow?

When students visit industry, they relate what they have learned during classroom sessions and learn the strategies adopted by the industry people.

What is the need of practical exposure in MBA?

In today’s scenario, every company needs best of the employees for their organization. When students get practical knowledge, it helps them work efficiently in industry. We prepare students according to the needs of the industry so that they can be absorbed in industry directly.