Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The University has the vision that every educated skilled and semi-skilled youth should be enabled to earn his livelihood to live with dignity in life. Recognizing this, the University has established entrepreneurship development cell with the objective of providing conceptual framework of entrepreneurship, needed training and development of entrepreneurial qualities and abilities.

The Entrepreneurship Cell aims at harnessing synergy of available expertise and talent of invited experts to encourage the graduates to develop entrepreneurship with the following objectives:

  • To organize entrepreneurial awareness and development programs for prospective entrepreneurs.
  • To conduct skill development training programs for youth in the areas of engineering, management, agriculture, journalism, law, physiotherapy and education.
  • To train the graduate in identification of business opportunity, converting it into project idea and establishment of enterprises.  
  • To mobilize resources from funding institutions and corporate houses for establishing enterprises.
  • To develop incubation center with knowledge support from UDGAM. And to encourage the mobility of the graduates to participate in training programs organized by the UDGAM.
  • To organize capacity building programs to implement the Government schemes for self groups in the area of agriculture, civic amenities, health and hygiene and managerial capabilities.