Course Scheme

Semester I

Semester II

Spoken English

Advanced Spoken English

Management Concepts

Organizational Behavior And Human Resource Management



Fundamentals Of Clinical Research

Marketing Management

Introduction To Health Care

Health, Hospital And Drug Administration

Mind Management And Human Values

Medical Therapeutics-I

Semester III

Semester IV

Communicative English

Best Practices Management

Analytical And Clinical Biochemistry

Logistics & Physical Distribution

Basics of Biostatistics *

E- Commerce

Bioethics And Bio Safety

Foreign Language(Spanish)

Preclinical Studies

Environmental Studies

Business Application-Excel

GST & Indian Customs Act/ Enterprise Resource Planning

Medical Therapeutics-II


Semester V

Semester VI

Research Methodology

Medical Records Management


Basic Epidemiology

Fundamentals of Clinical Trials Operations

Quality In Healthcare and Total Quality Management

Global Regulations Of Clinical Trial

Ethics In Clinical Research

Environmental Studies

Hospital Management And Law

Molecular Diagnostics

Soft Skills & Personality Development Training


Internship Training & Reporting


Major Project As Per Approved Topic