Agriculture students are trained in all field operations to raise successful crops and to organize allied agriculture ventures to be self employed. The major focus of training is on providing enough scientific knowledge and practical exposure to students to mitigate the effects of abiotic stresses prevailing in this region and to bridge gaps between the existing and the realizable crop yields. The students are allotted plots to raise the crop by themselves under Earn While You Learn mode which will make them self reliant.

Agri Research Farm spreads over about 12 acres field to provide practical crop production training to students and research innovation facility for the faculty. The crop production practices, crop improvement, crop protection aspects of R & D pertaining to major crops of this area like cereals, pulses, oil seeds, fibre crops, horticultural crops, floriculture and agro forestry species are pursued.

The crop management practices to use saline and brakish water available from drain canal are being optimized.